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We are a locally owned multi-generational farm that is passionate about the food we grow, the animals we love and the earth we all call home!

“ I met Heather Woofter, Oct 10/19 to view the bernedoodle pups she was offering. I was impressed with how happy & healthy they were. It was obvious they were well taken care of & socialized. Heather was awesome to deal with; professional but very friendly & knowledgeable in answering my questions. The way she spoke of the litter & their parents it was evident she was proud of her fur-babies. Once I choose my fur-baby, Heather was very efficient with the paperwork etc.  I appreciated the puppy pack, health records & info booklet as I was not overly familiar with bernedoodles. I adore my fur-baby Frankie. She is a healthy, affectionate pup which tells me she came from a loving home. Within 36 hours, I received an message asking how Frankie was settling into her new home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Woofter’s to anyone wanting a smart, healthy, happy fur-baby!! Thank you Woofter family! “


Frankie-previous bernedoodle

Hi Heather,

I just wanted to drop you a line today, on Gus’s first birthday, to say thank you to you, Daisy, and Solomon for giving me such a gift.

Gus is doing so well. He has a great temperament: he is loyal, goofy, floppy, and so so loving. He was pretty easy to train and is very friendly with dogs, people, and kids. Right now, he loves chasing leaves and bunnies on his walks! He and I go to the dog park every night; he plays with his puppy friends and burns all of his energy from the day in about an hour. After that, he likes to flop at the bottom of the stairs and watch out the window while I read. His favourite treat is cheese and he will do anything for it. He gets so many compliments on being a good boy and for his sweet face (which almost always has his tongue hanging out). Always the big boy, he has grown to 82 pounds now — he is broad and stalky. He chews very little and barks only to protect his mom from big scary men and anyone who walks by the window at night.

I am so glad to have him and so glad that he came from such a lovely home.

 I hope this update helps both you and any future puppy buyers get a sense of who your little babies grow into.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful dog. I’m so grateful.

Best to you and your family!


Gus-Previous Bernedoodle

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