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Wow, what a fall! Amazing weather, great harvests, new opportunities! Now just to find the time to make the most of everything. Still racing against winter, reminding us it is near. I am almost ready for it this year! Soon to start finding a steady pace for unschooling, friends and family.

As summer nears an end here, we are hard at work harvesting our first year of permaculture bounty!  So far we have chamomile, yarrow, lemon balm, peppermint, catmint (catnip), clover, alfalfa, spearmint by the pounds, hawthorn leaves, black currant leaves and berries all for teas.  We had an enormous crop of Daikon Radish too!  This was the first year of real growth from our haskaps, seabuckthorns, buffalo berries and goji berries, they tripled in size from last year!  Hopefully in 2 years we will be in good production!!  For now it is satisfying enough knowing our observations, planning, hardwork and patience is paying off very fast without any chemical use and produce to enjoy now!

Carrot Love
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