Rosies Oct.31st litter of 12 pure standard poodle puppies! Only 5 left!

Pure unregistered standard poodles.  These super intelligent family dogs will be between 40-60lbs and 23-25″ tall.  Non shedding and highly trainable make them ideal for guide and therapy dogs. 

Rosie, our pure red standard poodle dam

Nile is our largest male poodle pup. He is super sweet, friendly and loves to play with the kids.

‘Nile’ solid black male

Anubis is more quiet than the others, playful yet more reserved. Snuggly!

‘Anubis’ solid black male

Sphynx is snuggly and playful with people. Like his sibblings excitable but good with the kids!

‘Sphynx’ silver male

Isis is spunky! Don’t under estimate her for her size, she handles everything just fine!

‘Isis’ tiny red female *SOLD*

Nephy is smaller than most of the others but holds her own! She is very playful!

‘Nephy’ silver female

Bastet is larger than Nephy but smaller than Nile. She is also very playful but will be easy to train like her sibblings.

‘Bastet’ silver female

Hathor is also playful but attentive to commands as well. *SOLD*

‘Hathor’ solid black female *SOLD*
Puppy pile!
Only at naptime in this house!

Cookies Nov. 10th litter of sweetie f1b goldendoodles. Only 2 golden girls left!!

These pleasers are a beautiful mix of two classic family dogs, the golden retriever and the poodle. Being F1B they are 3/4 poodle 1/4 golden retriever. Meaning a bit calmer and much less shedding! It is the best way to have the best of both worlds. They have been used as companion dogs, camping, hiking, swimming, sports, or simply lazing around with their favorite peope! Weighing in around 50lbs, 24″ tall, they aren’t such a ‘big’ deal!

Cookie our 1st generation goldendoodle dam
‘MAPLE’ black/white/multi doodle hair female
‘CARAMEL’ black/white/multi doodle hair female *SOLD*
‘COCO’ Black/white female poodle hair
‘YUMI’ black/white soft wavy hair. Female *SOLD*
Oreo *SOLD*
Black/white and marbled nose male
Waffles *SOLD*
Black/white male
Hershey *SOLD*
Black/white male
Peanut *SOLD*
Silver/multi male
Black/white female
Silver female
Black/white female
Hazel *SOLD*
Silver female
Taffy *SOLD*
Silver with white rear socks, female