Simple Gut healthy Salad

Help reset your hypothalamus gland by starting your meals off right! Fix your gut at the same time! If you want real weight loss and don’t want to have to worry about it all coming back after a silly diet, add this simple salad to your daily regimen and change your life!

Microgreens are so nutrient dense and we absorb them so easily this is a no brainer for your salad base. We don’t use lettuce anymore as there is so little nutrients and too many contaminants! Just use a nice mix of microgreens. Eat BEFORE your meal 2x per day.

The Salad!

Your choice of mircogreens, do at least one cup per person

The second most important factor is the dressing…..mix all ingredients and eat!

Oil (coconut or organic sunflower is best) 2 tbsp/person

Apple cider vinegar (organic) 1 tbsp/person

Raw (unpasturized/unfiltered) liquid honey (gently warm if solid) 1tbsp/person

*not fit for children under 1yr of age.*

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